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Beauty Heat Boots
Beauty Heat Boots
Model NO.: ST011
Electrical Rating: 220~240V or 100~120V  25W
Size: 34×22CM
Switch Available: Slid Switch,  Electronic Switch,  Digital Switch
Electric Heated Boots are an effective method to warm your feet. The penetrating warmth, when used with a moisturizing cream*, helps to moisturize and hydrate feet, nails, and cuticles. Designed for use while relaxing (not meant for walking), these warmers will provide years of foot warmth. Made of soft, flexible vinyl for comfort and easy cleaning.
3 temperature settings
Fits up to men's size 11
Convenient Washable Liners Included
Safe for all ages
Insert each foot into a vinyl liner (provided), then insert each into the respective foot warmer.
Carefully insert the plug into a standard 120V or 230V A/C outlet.
Choose the temperature setting (Low or High) that best suits the warming need.
Allow a 15-20 minute "warm-up period" for the warmer.
Approval: CE、ROHS

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